Thursday, July 06, 2006

Who can compete with those guys?

With the excellence in photos like these, I wonder how many people are inclined to just "give up" on phooning?!

(And it cracks me up that the left one was Anders' idea and his
hiking buddy did the pose. I imagine the conversation going like this: "Hey, Magnus, I've got a great idea. See that mountain top over there? Why don't you go over there and phoon for me? I'll just wait here. Hey--and do it right. I don't want to have to send you twice...")

I remember when Brandon submitted a flurry of Phooner wrote in and semi-joked that they giving up on phooning for a while, now that they'd seen what Brandon was submitting.

So I quickly reassured them, as I'll reassure you: gorgeous photos from Utah, another regular don't stop! Hey, even *I* have given up the notion of trying to keep up with them. If they have amazing, stunning Phoon pics, great! We all get to enjoy those. Sure, we just don't have access to the amazing places they do (and I'm not sure I have the energy!). But don't forget the reverse: you and I have access to weird objects and beautiful locations that they don't. I was glad they kept phooning. It's been fun to see what they've come up with.

There is stuff around you that is Phoon-worthy. You may have forgotten about it because you grew up with it or it's so familiar to locals that you don't think others would care. Think about it again with "Phoon eyes." For example, I like how Lisa showed off the Maytag headquarters in Iowa. Who else has one of those nearby! One of these days, I want to go find a Phoon-worthy spot at Google's headquarters. It's only 20 minutes away. (You haven't heard of Google? Just google them to learn more.)


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