Saturday, March 11, 2006

Welcome to the Phoons blog

If you like and are hoping for behind-the-scenes details, you've come to the right place. If you're completely bored and ended up here by mindless clicking, keep reading.

What is is a collection of photos from around the world, all of which have one particular element in common: somewhere in the photo is at least one person doing the "Phoon" pose.

Sure, there is definitely the "silly" aspect to it. But these categories of photos may be a complete surprise to you:

To Life!
In Remembrance

If you only look at one or two photos, you won't "get it."

To begin to grasp what attracts people to the world of Phoons:

- visit any photo in the collection; don't worry about whether you like it or not

- look below the photo for the names of categories that that photo is in

- pick a category that sounds a little more interesting

- hmm...several photos in the same category; visit a few that look interesting

- again, look below the photo for the categories, and you'll probably find another category that sounds interesting to you

Other people tell me that what captures their attention (like needing to eat just one more potato chip) is wanting another surprise, wanting to see what different person will appear in what different location, often amazing or beautiful or funny locations. There is something amazing about seeing all of the different places that people want to do this pose. I have gotten to see places all around the world that I never heard of before, places that I will probably never visit--I get to enjoy "travel photos" from around the world!

This blog is a place where I can tell stories and give details that wouldn't necessarily fit on or would otherwise clutter

The kinds of things I want to discuss in this blog:

  • the origin of the pose and of the word "Phoon"
  • how this grew into a worldwide fad
  • how "interesting" is determined for a photo
  • how the categories are determined
  • the value and attraction of stories
  • a description of the process of dealing with uploaded photos
  • what my interaction is like with people who submit photos
  • the translators
  • your ideas--I want to talk about some things and get your response
  • about me--do I have a life or other interests?
  • the impact of Phoons on me and others
Thanks for visiting!


At 8:15 AM, March 12, 2006, Anonymous dgdarrow said...

Looking forward to your Story Telling style. You are unique, and so of course is your web site.
Besides, you're my son!


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